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“And the Good News about the Kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world, so that all nations will hear it”   Mathew 24:14


A Walk for God Minister is a person that has volunteered to promote Gods printed Word to every household in a pocket of 1,000 homes per week. As your personal ministry and contribution in serving God, a Walk for God Minister has a strong love of Gods Word and is filled with the Holy Spirit to spread the message of the Good News.

This ministry volunteers approximately 3-6 hours per week to God’s service.


Unaddressed Direct Mail which comprises the Print and Letterbox Media is consumers’ most preferred advertising medium for receiving communications. It is the most accepted and preferred medium over TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and even email marketing.

Large Corporations and SME business use this medium to penetrate every single home every week without fail! Many Church organisations use this medium but due to its high cost there is no consistent program and it is therefore not utilised to its full potential in the same way as commercial business does.

With Walk for God this is about to change in a major way. So, if we eliminate the print and distribution costs, can Christian Groups penetrate every single home, every single week, without fail and bring the Christian message of the Good news to all Australian households?

We Sure Can !

Every home in Australia has a letterbox and print media is retainable and powerful when delivering Gods message to the community. How many Christian Churches reach out to souls with a good Christian message every week? We have some evangelistic Christian organisations that knock on doors, but we can assure you that it is much easier and more powerful to penetrate every single home with Gods Word printed and retained to be seen and read many times over.


If available, and for convenience purposes it would make sense to choose a pocket of 1,000 homes that is easily accessible to your home. In this way you would cut down your travelling costs and save yourself time. You can click here to send your expression of interest. Check out our Areas by clicking here or going to the Zones Tab anytime on the Top Menu Bar.


The best time to join is now. It is more than likely that your local area is still available and your Membership will contribute to the overall Mission and Vision


Walk for God is an incorporated Not for Profit association of Members. To Join in our powerful ministry you simply pay your yearly Membership fee of $100 and order a GPS Unit. Simply FILL IN the form below or to secure your area today click here to Join up now. We would love to welcome you on board the Walk for God ministry.



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