We aim to spread the message

of the Good News, every week,

to every home in Australia.

As a Christian, why should I Walk for God ?

All spirit anointed Christians are Ministers of our Lord Jesus Christ. The followers of our Lord Jesus are spoken of as ‘ministers of the good news,’ as Paul was (Col 1:23); they are also “ministers of a new covenant,” being in a covenant relationship with God; with Christ as our Mediator.
Walk for God is a ministry to deliver Gods printed word around Australia at little or no cost to Christian Organisations. If you want some healthy ME-TIME walking with God’s Spirit you may want to volunteer and become a “Walk for God Minister” to spread the message of the “Good News” to a small pocket of homes around your local area.
If you have a love for Gods Word and would like to spread the good news greater and farther than ever before then consider becoming a Walk for God Minister.
  • Deliver a printed message of the good news every week to a small pocket of homes in your local area
  • promote your church ministry at no cost
  • receive free printed material of your message of choice
  • no face to face ministry is required with printed material
  • penetrate 1,000 homes every week (averaging one hour of walking a day)
  • enjoy the health benefits of walking with the spirit daily

Walk for God (WFG) is on a mission to deliver Christian printed messages (“brochures”) to Australian homes every week at little or no cost to Christians and Christian churches” … Join us to spread the Good News

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